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Frequently asked questions

Q. Are you covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies do not reimburse for homeopathic treatment. But if you have a flex spending account through your employer, Dr. FInne can provide you with receipts that will be reimbursed.

Dr. Finne's treatment is not expensive, moreover. The cost of long term treatment averages out to be less than a cell phone subscription, even for an entire family.

Q. Isn't homeopathy just placebo effect?

No. If you look at some case histories, you may notice that the curative medicine is found only after trying several possibilities. If homeopathy were placebo effect, one medicine would be as effective as the next.

Even if homeopathy were placebo effect, how about a reality check? If you had excruciating pain, and placebo effect cured you completely, what would be the problem? That you were cured without side effects?

Dr. Finne once asked a client what she thought of homeopathy, and she replied, "I think it's poppycock!" But she was cured of a serious Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare infection that had not yielded to antibiotics. Many patients are skeptical when they first approach homeopathy, but they are willing to give it a try.

Q. I am currently on meds. Will homeopathy interfere?

There is no interaction between homeopathic medicines and conventional medications.

Q. I've heard that homeopathy is harmful. Is this true?

I have been a homeopathic patient for 25 years and have not suffered any ill effects. I have treated hundreds of patients without doing any harm. You should be aware that the pharmaceutical industry uses "hired guns" to attack alternative medicine in the media and on the internet. Their arguments are not even logical--they assert, for example, that homeopathy is both placebo effect AND harmful--but the industry's huge advertising and lobbying budget ensures that this disinformation is widely disseminated.


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