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About homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources according to a process called "potentization." To illustrate, let's say we were going to make a homeopathic medicine from Kalmia latifolia (mountain laurel).

  1. The fresh leaves are ground and dissolved in alcohol. This solution is the "mother tincture."
  2. One drop of mother tincture is added to 99 drops of pure water in a new bottle. The bottle is shaken 10-20 times. This bottle is the "first dilution."
  3. One drop of the first dilution is added to 99 drops of water in a new bottle. The bottle is shaken 10-20 times. This is the "second dilution."
  4. The process continues until the desired potency is reached. The homeopathic potency equals the number of dilutions. A 30c potency of a homeopathic medicine, for example, is the thirtieth dilution of the mother tincture. If the medicine is delivered in pill form, the pills have been moistened with the solution.

According to the laws of chemistry, however, the last molecule of the original plant disappeared with the twelfth dilution! So what's left in the bottle?

In the 1990s, physicist Shui-Yin Lo discovered that ice crystals form spontaneously around the few remaining molecules of the original substance at high dilutions, due to electromagnetic forces. He named these crystals "Ie crystals" ("I" for ice, "e" for electromagnetic). The crystals remain stable at room temperature, and they replicate themselves when the solution is shaken.

Water Crystal
(photo: M. Emoto)

In 2009, Nobel laureate Dr. Luc Montagner published measurements of Ie crystal electromagnetic activity. In a 2010 interview, he observed, "High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecules."

The active ingredient in homeopathic medicine, then, is Ie crystals. The original source serves as a template for the production of these crystals. Since they are made of water, Ie crystals are guaranteed 100% nontoxic. Even poisonous substances such as toxic plants can be used therapeutically without ill effect.

Another advantage of potentization is that it produces a large quantity of medicine from a very small sample. Many medicinal plants and animals are endangered species, so protecting them is an important concern.

How does homeopathic medicine work? After studying over 3,000 cured cases I can offer a few thoughts, though no one has a complete explanation. First, it seems that the conventional understanding of disease and suffering is inadequate. We believe that disease is caused by microbes, yet this theory does not elucidate why some people who are exposed to infection do not get sick, and those who get sick have different degrees of illness and different rates of recovery. Moreover, microbes do not account for autoimmune diseases.

A satisfactory theory of disease should explain all cases of disease in all their variety.

From a homeopathic perspective, the root of disease and suffering is a conflict in the unconscious psyche between two irreconcilable forces. This conflict is the source of tension, which can affect health in many ways. First, it causes a constriction in the flow of blood to one or more areas, resulting in tightness, pain, weakness, and ultimately atrophy. Further, the functions of the immune system are impaired, making a person more susceptible to infection and less capable of self healing.

Any curative therapy, then, must address this unconscious conflict. Although this theory of disease sounds psychological, in many cases psychotherapy is not the answer. Why? Simply put, the ego gets in the way. Any internal division threatens the honor and glory of the ego, which therefore suppresses discussion or even acknowledgment of the problem.

The only way around this difficulty is to communbicate directly with the unconscious psyche through the language of nature. Each botannical and mineral remedy embodies a specific polarity that is understood universally. When this polarity mirrors the conflict within an individual, the problem rises to the level of consciousness and is resolved.

The process of healing happens automatically. The patient is aware that something good is happening but can say no more about it. The effect can seem nothing short of miraculous. A 36-year-old woman had numbness in her left leg and arm for two years, for example, after she was hit by a golf ball on the left side of her spine. She got one dose of Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort) in a 200C potency. All her symptoms disappeared almost immediately.

In most chronic cases the results are more gradual, of course, though no less amazing. An 82-year-old man was confined to a wheelchair because of Paget's disease, for example, a bone disorder. He was given Causticum, a medicine prepared from marble. After two months there was only slight improvement, but after fve months he was able to use an exercise bike for a few minutes at a time, and in nine months he could walk several hundred yards and drive his car again.

We are a long ways from understanding the relationship between mind and matter, but it is clear that the two are not separate but part of a single continuum. The following is an instructive case.

A 59-year-old woman was suffering from severe Alzheimers. She made no eye contact and constantly looked down with a blank expression on her face. She was not able to remember anything and could barely make a minimal response to questions. She didn't realize when she passed urine or stool.

Five years earlier she was perfectly normal . She went to the doctor for pain and swelling of the right knee, and he aspirated the knee and injected steroids.

One year later she was diagnosed as hypertensive and put on anti-hypertensive medication.

Two years later she developed Alzheimer's symptoms.

From a holistic perspective the case is perfectly clear. Her symptoms were the expression of an underlying psychic tension; with each medical intervention the expression was suppressed and therefore moved to a deeper level.

The woman was given the homeopathic medicine, Kali bromatum. For the first month there was no change. Then she developed watery stool and fever and facial swelling, and her blood pressure was slightly higher than normal.

This type of response is positive, because there it shows that the self-healing mechanism has been engaged. None of the physical symptoms are inherently dangerous in the short term, and they all disappeared within two weeks. Most importantly, the woman began to make eye contact, and she regained control of her urine and stool.

After two months, the woman began weeping. This was the first time she had showed any emotion in a year. She was also able to recall the names of family members, albeit slowly.

Improvement continued. After four months she was conversing with family member and others. She also developed pain and swelling in her right knee-the same symptom she had five years earlier!

The same homeopathic medicine was given, and the knee problem disappeared.

The woman needed the same medicine from the beginning of her troubles, then, and when she got that medicine all her symptoms slowly fell away in the reverse order of their original appearance.

    About Homeopathy

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